Criminal Defense

You’re innocent, unless proven guilty.
Let my decades of experience work for you.

DUI / Traffic Defense

Especially here in Florida, Driving Offenses could have serious consequences to your future.

Family Law

When your family needs help, I can assist with your divorce, custody, support, adoption, or guardianship needs.



Presser Law, Ft. Lauderdale Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested? Is law enforcement looking for you?

You must act quickly, because every second counts. Call me immediately. Do not discuss your case or sign a statement without an attorney present.  This is evidence that can be used against you. Do not enter a plea without first obtaining legal advice — even for a minor offense.

I will fight your case, before it goes to court. I know the importance of fighting a criminal complaint before charges are filed and before the case goes to court. Even though someone has been arrested, that rarely means that formal charges have actually been filed against them. The filing decision lies with a prosecutor and I will investigate, prepare and later argue why the state should not file the charges. If I can’t prevent this filing, it may be possible to get the prosecutor to agree to reduced charges; ie, felony to a misdemeanor.

Whether you’ve been arrested, have marital or family issues or are having other legal problems, you always have rights. I will use my years of experience in your favor.   I will investigate, research and speak to the other side to make sure that your best interests are met.

Today’s laws and rules of procedure are complex and they can be overwhelming.

I have painstakingly committed myself to learning these rules, and will make sure they are applied in a manner that is best for you and your case.   If you’re accused of committing a crime, you need a criminal lawyer who is available, 24-7 to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

My goal is to treat each and every client like a member of the Presser Law Firm family. I treat your case, like it’s my own family member’s case.


Drug Possession or Trafficking

Drug charges are always serious, regardless of the type of drug being used as evidence in the prosecution.


Both misdemeanor and felony DUI arrests can have dire consequences, for years to come, to your criminal record and your ability to drive.  You need to fight back immediately.


Aggravated Battery / Assault

Florida law doesn’t takes these types of actions lightly.  You’ll need qualified, diligent representation.

Burglary / Robbery

These very serious offenses could have dire consequences including long prison sentences and felony conviction repercussions.  You need an aggressive lawyer if facing these charges.


Violations of Probation / Community Control

VOPs and VOCCs usually mean long, non-bondable holds in jail while you fight the charges.  Call me to discover my approach that may help you avoid jail altogether for violations.



Misdemeanor charges are typically thought of as “less serious” than a felonies but they can still carry life-changing consequences.


Juvenile Offenses

If your child has been accused of a juvenile offense, it is important to have an aggressive lawyer who is prepared to protect your child’s rights.  Juvenile offenses could impact them into adulthood.


White Collar Crimes

I understand the complexity of white collar crimes, and am always prepared to help you fight for the best possible outcome.


"Worth Every Penny!"

     He was an amazing attorney and always acted in my best interest. Definitely worth every penny.

"Got My Loved One Home!"

     My girlfriend was on the interstate compact from FL to Pa. She was violated and extradited back to Broward County. I needed to get her an attorney and fast. I did some research, called a few different ones. Mr. Presser was the best choice!!! Very professional does not wait around. He returned every phone call I ever made as well as answered every question ever asked, even when I asked the same question multiple times. So that being said, he took the violation case and got her off 3 years’ probation after doing 4 months in jail and she was able to come back home to PA. I recommend him if you need an attorney (and I'm not even from FL).

"He Didn't Give Up!"

     Thought Shlomi did an excellent job in getting the case to appear before the judge after the judge first declined to hear it. He didn't give up and fought for the client to get his day in court, which he did.    
"On my speed dial!"
     We hired Shlomi for my sister's situation. He kept us in constant contact and took the worrying out of the situation. Knowing him for over 15 years, he is your "go to guy" for criminal defense matters. That's why he is on my speed dial!
"Detail oriented and always prepared."
     Mr. Presser rises above others in his knowledge and professionalism, he is the best attorney you would want on your side when dealing with any type of criminal or civil matter. From the beginning to the end, he was there with a consistent commitment and focus on my case. He is very detail oriented and always prepared with complete legal expertise and understanding of my case. I highly recommend Attorney Presser to anyone who is seeking excellent counsel and representation.
Family Law Client
"Outstanding attorney."
     Mr. Presser and his team provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that he was invested in me and my case. He was easily accessible and got me the results that I hoped. Attorney Presser and his staff produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want when hiring a criminal defense lawyer!

“Having handled over 9000 criminal cases, you can put your trust in this firm, and in me. I will aggressively fight back against your accusers, long after most others would have given up hope. I have logged countless hours litigating and fighting for my client’s rights and you can Trust I will fight as hard for you.”

Shlomi Presser, Defense Attorney


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