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Criminal Defense
DUI / Traffic Defense
Family Law


Florida State University
School of Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science – 1999

Nova Southeastern University
College of Law
Juris Doctorate – 2002


With nearly two decades of experience handling all types of criminal matters, I run a practice and a firm that is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the representation of my clients. I am proud to say that the majority of my business comes from direct referrals from previous or current clients and other legal professionals. This fact alone speaks volumes and shows the dedication to personal care and the concern I have for my clients. Other lawyers only promise to deliver prompt and reliable counseling whereas I exceed all of my client’s expectations and deliver.

Having handled over 9000 criminal cases, you can put your trust in this firm, and in me. I will aggressively fight back against your accusers, long after most others would have given up hope. I have logged countless hours litigating and fighting for my client’s rights and you can trust that I will fight as hard for you.

Call me now to discuss your options. I’m available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


I will do all I can to try and stop the case from being “filed” against you.  Some methods that I can use to persuade the prosecutors not to file formal charges against a client include bolstering a client’s credibility, reference letters from community leaders, religious leaders, teachers and friends.  I can also attack the credibility of any victims or use other witnesses to question the reputation and truth of the victim.   Lastly, I can show your side of the story to the prosecutors, a side that they rarely get to hear, before they file formal charges.

What happens after that?  If the prosecutors decide to file the charges anyway, then We Fight! I make sure that your side of the story is presented with skill and sensitivity at the right time, so it can result in the reduction or dismissal of charges.

I may be able to help you get out of jail with a bail reduction or an O.R. release.

I may be able to help reduce penalties, fines, jail time, terms of probation and I can also request alternatives to probation.

I may be able to petition to clear your record.

I will bring to light any false evidence, lying witnesses, exaggerated charges, illegal searches or illegal arrests. I can negotiate for bail reductions, jail alternatives, dismissals, reduced fines or reduced jail time.


I promise personal attention to your case. I will defend your case. I will protect your rights. I will keep you informed about your case every step of the way. So call today and schedule a free consultation.

You have legal rights:

  • Right to an Attorney – Defendants have the right to an attorney throughout the legal proceedings. The court will appoint an attorney for the defendant at no charge if he/she cannot afford to hire one. Yet, at the end of the case, they may be asked to pay all or part of the cost for that attorney.
  • Right to a Jury Trial – Defendants have the right to a speedy, public jury trial. At the trial, the defendant is presumed innocent, and cannot be convicted unless 6 impartial jurors have been convinced of the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Right to Confront Witnesses – Defendants have the right to confront and cross-examine all witnesses testifying against them.
  • Right Against Self-Incrimination – The defendant has the right to remain silent, to prevent self-incrimination, and the right to testify (or not testify) on their own behalf.
  • Right to Produce Evidence – The defendant has the right to present evidence and to have the court issue a subpoena to bring into court all witnesses and evidence favorable to them.

These are just a few of the rights we all share as Americans.